the same wilt?

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the same wilt?

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Maybe a dumb question... sorry if it is. I kinda stumbled in here.... Is this the same wilt who did 'carving stars' forever ago? If so, what cd was that on and where can i find it? I have not been able to find this/that band since I got that demo so many years ago. I miss them. Is Kerbdog the 'new' band?

Thanks for any light shinning you can do.

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Re: the same wilt?

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Nop, never heard of the 'Carving Stars' track - believe your thinking of the US band as referenced here
An American dark ambient project that has recorded and released several different records under the same name. They describe their sound as psychedelic drone folk noise.
The Wilt thats mentioned here, is a band that came after Kerbdog with two of members of said band, from that website again;
An indie rock band from Ireland that released two albums, "Bastinado" (2000) and "My Medicine" (2002), on the Mushroom label in 2000.
Sorry about that!
-Sorry For The Record-
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Re: the same wilt?

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I've been rocking Spotify recently and the other "Wilt" often appear in the similar artist section.
It's weird because I'll be listening to Therapy?, Seafood, Idlewild etc so Wilt would be a similar artist but Spotify gives us the other Wilt... annoying.
There is no Kdog or (our) Wilt on Spotify yet. How do we change that?

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